We are very excited to announce that LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) for Wordpress is now available to all our cloud hosting and unlimited hosting services.

LSCache is a server-side page cache built into the LiteSpeed Web Server. Page caches save time and resources, and they do so by storing the full content of dynamically-generated pages so that static copies may be served to the user. A page cache allows the server to bypass the process of dynamic page creation and database queries altogether. LSCache outperforms other popular caching plugins because LSCache works at a web server level instead of just an application level.

In addition, we also increased the storage allocated to all cloud hosting plans with a minor price increase to Lite Cloud-1 annual price.

We hope everyone enjoys the new LSCache and plan upgrades feature and we look forward to seeing the speed enhancements across our clients websites.

Friday, February 22, 2019

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