We would like to notify you that ARIN and RIPE which are the organizations that allocate IP address space to internet providers, stopped providing new IPv4 address space many months ago. Due to that most data centers and hosting providers are stopping to provide dedicated IP's to websites as the IPv4 address space is depleted. We are not able to get any new IP ranges which require changes in order to be able to continue provision services for new customers.

Shared (Budget Plans), and reseller web hosting: We will not provide anymore dedicated IP addresses to websites. All existing services remain as they are at the moment. All our servers support SNI and there is no technical reason for a website to require a unique IP address. All websites will share one IP address.

As per Google's statistics, 18% of the world has switched to IPv6 address space. We will start providing IPv6 to shared and reseller hosting once cPanel has stable production support for IPv6. Once the internet is fully switched to IPv6 then we will have enough IP's to allocate.

Friday, March 31, 2017

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