Unlimited Hosting Launched

Due to the increase of requests for unlimited hosting from our clients, we are excited to announce that we officially launched our UNLIMITED HOSTING service that comes with unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. We are giving a 20% discount for initial payment when you place a new order. Please use coupon code UNLI20 for this promo.You ... Read More »

7th Oct 2017
IP allocations changes

We would like to notify you that ARIN and RIPE which are the organizations that allocate IP address space to internet providers, stopped providing new IPv4 address space many months ago. Due to that most data centers and hosting providers are stopping to provide dedicated IP's to websites as the IPv4 address space is depleted. We are not able ... Read More »

31st Mar 2017
Free SSL by Let's Encrypt

We are glad to announce that all our servers now support Let's Encrypt.  Means you can now use SSL connections for better security and better google ranking, as Google likes websites which are safe and have an SSL certificate installed. All customers are able to use the feature no matter which plans they use. Note that installing an SSL ... Read More »

21st Jan 2017
Budget Hosting Plans Upgrade

In the last couple of months, the capacity of hard disks increased alot and that allowed us to offer more space and resources to our customers. Each of the plans will now get almost 20 to 50% more disk space and all plans except for Lite Budget will have unlimited bandwidth.

23rd Feb 2016
PHP Version Change

We are starting the PHP version upgrade for all servers. The default PHP version of the server will change from 5.3 to 5.6. We will continue support older PHP versions such as 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. We will also install PHP 7 as an additional supported version. It has significant improvements and it will give a huge boost to web sites using it. You ... Read More »

15th Jan 2016
LiteSpeed Web Server

All of our hosting servers are now powered by the world's fastest web server which is LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is a high-performance commercial web server that uses less CPU and memory than Apache and this usage stays predictable even with traffic spikes or attacks. LiteSpeed also handles connections faster and more efficiently, leading to improved ... Read More »

19th Sep 2015
Multiple PHP Versions

All servers now have Multiple PHP versions installed. You will be able to choose from PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, & 5.6 which we run and support on all cPanel web hosting plans.

19th Sep 2015
Mail Backup Server

We setup a backup mail server so that you will never lose an e-mail message using our web hosting services. When there is a problem in primary mail server, e-mail messages will be delivered to the backup mail server and send back to primary mail server when it's back online.This new feature is available only to all Budget Web Hosting & ... Read More »

28th Oct 2014
Budget Hosting Plans Upgraded!

With a little over 2 months before the year ends, Capitan Hosting is not yet finished adding more features & services to our clients. We increased all Budget Hosting Plans' Disk Space and Bandwidth with NO ADDITIONAL COST. Hosting Plans Lite Budget Budget 1 Budget 2 Budget 3 Disk Space 2GB 10GB 25GB 50GB Monthly ... Read More »

28th Oct 2014
Capitan Hosting now CloudFlare Certified Partner

We are glad to announce our new established partnership with CloudFlare, the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website use CloudFlare, it loads twice as fast and is protected from a range of online ... Read More »

16th Oct 2014